Why BNI?

So you are considering joining BNI, here’s 3 reasons that may help you to make that decision.

1: BNI is a one of the best marketing tools for your business.

For a small outlay of the yearly membership there are very few marketing investments that will give you the return on your investment like BNI.

You get a powerful team of up to 40 sales people week in week out looking to help promote your business to their network. And as you would know referral business is the easiest and most cost effective way to generate new business.

2: Givers Gain

The philosophy of BNI is “Givers Gain”, if you give me business to others in turn you will get business back. This forms the back bone of BNI and is where it stands apart from “networking” events.

It is a structured 90 minutes designed to generate business not a whole lot of “business cards”.

The benefit of givers gain is a nice holistic principle of law of reciprocation, seeing it in action is very impressive. Visit a chapter and you will see the referral business in practice with thousands and thousands of dollars being passed around the room.


3: Like Minded Businesses

It can be lonely as a business owner and entrepreneur and each week you get to meet up with like minded business owners. We all face similar challenges in businesses and having this weekly session together can provide answers you may be looking for or the motivation you need to take your business to the next level.

Not only that but a lot of business owners create great friendships and enjoy the social aspect as well as the financial.


“ I am in BNI to expand our business and customer base. I have a strong understanding of the importance of networking and growing good business relationships through referrals and professional courtesy. Although only a new member, I am already seeing positive results and am looking forward to the year ahead.”

Jayne Henry

“BNI is the only network I have found where positive minded business owners continually provide referrals to other members to enhance everyone’s businesses. With an ongoing and structured format which has been refined over many years, BNI delivers incredible results for its members. I am unaware of any other network which has achieved the continual success for its members as BNI.”

Chris Catherwood