Who we want

BNI is a powerful marketing tool that can really make a difference to your business. Each of our members values our position and with the structure of BNI we can only have one business per category and at the moment here is a list of businesses that we would like to join our chapter.
We are always happy to have new businesses and if yours is not listed here please get in contact regardless.
Come and visit our chapter and discover the difference

Landscape Gardener

Professional Services
Office Supplies
Social media expert

“I am in BNI for a couple of reasons. Obviously, the work referral; side of things works great, & that alone pays its way for the time & fees put into BNI. An added bonus is the benefits that come from spending time with fellow business owners, each with new ideas, fresh approaches & an ability to motivate & bring out the best in each other.

Last but not least, you make some great new friends.”


“Being apart of BNI is a great means to build close relationships with a large circle of other Business owners. Increasing support networks and allowing the “Givers Gain” BNI theosophy to have full impact on your business and immediate circles.”

Theresa Mitchell